You take inspiration from your experience and knowledge from three primary cultures; America, Senegalese and French, But there’s also something very surreal about your work, where does this come from?

I’m studying comparative mythology ( Joseph Campbell), Anthropology, Science ( Stephen Hawkins ), Psychology, Dreams ( Carl Jung ), great thinker ( krishnamurti, Sadghuru, Alan Watts, Jason Silva..) and I’m using a lot of my dream visions to process ideas before I create the work. I also immerse myself in a state of deep consciousness when i m awake as well. Everything around me is an extension of how i perceive the world. So i learned to be more present about my surrounding and it does allow me to feel the surreal, to connect deeper with my subjects and released a magic about them. Like a child, everyday, I experiences discovery anywhere I go or whoever I’m with.

What was your first camera, how old were you when you got it, and what was the first thing/person you ever shot?

I don’t remember my first camera 🙂

I just remember when I started to stay hours in the dark room in school of visual art to process my film and I was loosing sense of time because seeing the photo coming to birth was magic. So far I remember at 19 years old to spend all my time taking photography with analog cameras and learning how to process them better.

You used to work in the music industry (a an Artistic Director), does music play a big part in your creative process? If so, who inspires you most and what was the last song you listened to?

Music is my Mojo 🙂

I can’t create without music. When I’m reading, I’m listening soundtrack music ( Hanz zimmer, John Willian, etc..) When I’m taking photography.. I’m adjusting myself to my subjects because I need to make them feel home.. so their music choice is my choice When I’m collaging i can listening anything who does keep me going .. From Black Coffee, Ali Farka Toure, Sufism music, Indian Music, Meditation music, but I do like world music more and more.. because i feel i understand another culture.

Tell us about the relationship between you and your mother as co-creators of your work.

My mother is the master:)

She gives me birth and tough me everything I know about art when I was a child. Today I can really see how it does help me in my creative process. I learned how to write fonts with ink and brushes, to draw anatomy, perspective and read pages of painters biography. She always told me it s important that you know how difficult it was for them to create such great masterpieces. It seems simple but this require hours and hours of practice. Today everything going fast… Learned how to be patient through the creative process is the key. I love it. it keeps me alive and help me to face hard time in life with strength. We recently did her first collaboration together where I asked her to photograph me nude and I did process collages to the photos. She never practiced photography before but she used to be a very good painter… the photo came out so great that I stopped shooting for 2 months asking myself; what does make a good photographer? I failed to find the answer was not about how good the photographer was but how good the connection was between the eyes and the subject. With my mother, it was simply unconditional love. So she is the master. I can wait to work more with her. Which visual artists inspire you most and why? Today, it s hard .. so many good creators.. I love the photographic work of Roger Ballen because he can bring light to darkness, I love Peter Beard work because he’s real and authentic and also is my mentor, the one who push me to create my own vision. and of course Dali for his madness of his surreal world Malick Sidibe for his consistence and love for his family and friend.Stanley kubrick for his genius unique vision. and many more.. but it will be too long

Please tell us about the piece you are showing In London with ArtLeadHER.

The Highness Project is a spectacular culmination of sculpture, design, and photography that takes “hair show” to a whole other level. It was brought to life by Hair sculpture Tresse Agoche and Designer Soull Ogun, Dynasty Presh. This project is “a vision of a new era for the female energy which gives birth to an evolved future where the audience experiences the gift that is woman. In this, we create a capsule of work that becomes timeless and unbound, a vision for future observers to witness. Indefinite and inevitable, this future will exist…”

Lastly, what does it mean to you to be an ArtLeadHER?


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