Uzo Njoku

Uzo Njoku’s art practice is not simplified only in terms of her racial identity, but who she is, how she is perceived, and how she experiences the world.  Her tools of choice are paintings, pattern design, and commercial products to explore the depths of Black femininity. She poses critical questions about the politics of desire, body performativity, and the black psychic landscape. And she holds a particular interest in the function of clothing as fashion, fantasy, history, sexuality, class, and political expression. West African wax prints, known to Nigerians as Ankara, feature prominently in her work.

“I feel that it is important for more women to gain more opportunities in a male dominated field and ArtLeadHer does an amazing job opening doors.. I love putting more black figures in elegant settings or poses. The Libre bottle inspired me to reference a giraffe I saw on a vogue magazine while growing up.  A giraffe symbolizes grace, peace, individuality, protection, and communication. Which a woman with a giraffe could embody beautifully.”

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