Ingrid Baars graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in the early 90s and worked as an independent illustrator and photographer until 2009 when she decided to concentrate solely on her artistic career, which previously coexisted with her commercial activities. Her signature style came into being and grew from collage to full-blown digital treatment of her images as can be traced in previous series like ‘About Face’, ‘Inside/Outside’ and ‘ArtistLovers’.

Baars unique style of working is a one-person endeavor from the preliminary photo-shoot to the photographic manipulation. Her works are made entirely by her.

‘l’Afrique!’ is a fascinating continuous project inspired by the richness of African cultural heritage in all its diversity, incorporating both the human and the non-human.
The amalgamation of classical African ‘cult’ objects and real women enables her to transcend the natural and constitute an otherwordly realm.

The aestheticism and romanticism of beauty are imbued with a deeper sense of awareness, of consciousness. Her images are beautiful, yes, but powerful as well. Although very much construed, they create their own reality and seem to possess a life of their own.

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