I usually begin a painting with no real agenda.  I just make some marks and then try to let one thing lead to another.  One mark, one color speak to me and lead me to the next.  Even if I begin with a vague idea, as in the recent two paintings about the “artist in his studio”, I try not to think about it but to feel and trust my own instincts.  Being able to let go and let things happen with the belief that random events will only make it better in the end, never expecting perfection but rather accentuating and trusting the unexpected, has helped me to do so in my everyday life.  Believing in myself as an artist has helped me to value myself in all areas of my life!

Over the years, as I began to re-experience and accept my past experiences with all the associated emotional struggles, they began to appear in my painting, transformed.  I began to believe that I could sometimes share with people who I really was instead of always pretending and trying to please people with my painting. That is what painting and drawing are all about for me, connecting with my inner self at a subconscious level, and bringing it to the canvas without my thinking mind getting in the way.

My two favorite quotations are first, from Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents”.  The second is from my former (and rather difficult) abstract painting advisor, Larry Poons, “Trixie, try to say good-bye the way you say hello!”  For me, these quotes describe in a nutshell exactly how I try to paint.


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