Victoria Selbach is a New York Contemporary Realist best known for her larger than life nude depictions of women. Selbach’s work often presents contemporary women as powerful icons of autonomy and strength. The paintings of Victoria Selbach have exhibited nationally including the Heckscher Museum of Art, The Butler Institute of American Art and the Tullman Art Collection.


‘My gaze is directed through a deep connection to the individual women who carry their strength and presence into my paintings. Capturing the intricacies of unique women feels to me as a merging of empathy and paint. The process allows me to deepen my understanding of myself, the depths of the women around me and promotes a journey to uncover and embrace the diversity and complexity of all the women we are.


In the Goddess series I explore the significance of the diverse feminine through powerful images of contemporary women. By framing modern women through the prism of celebrated deities I hope to challenge the viewer to reconsider established perceptions and acknowledge the inherent magnificence of each individual along with the immense potential of embracing and maximizing the universal feminine.’


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