We Are Excited to Announce
A Group Show Curated By Mashonda Tifrere
Oct 12th – Dec9th 2017

This fall, in collaboration Pen + Brush, ArtleadHER will debut King Woman, a show that recognizes works of art that are not only by women, but are the embodiment of autonomy, determination, and precision of skill.

The artists featured in this large-scale group exhibition engage the viewer on humanist terms while harnessing the strength implicit in emotions, such as empathy and vulnerability.  The mission of King Woman is to aesthetically prove that there is freedom, power and an inner ability to rule each of our own kingdoms as modern day women.

What’s more, this group exhibition will feature the work of 25 visual artists (including performance and video installations) and encompass contemporary women artists ranging from emerging to established creators. It is through this critical pairing of recognized and less well-known women artists, that we hope to showcase the talent, power and breadth of the work that women can create. Artists will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

About Pen and Brush:
For more than 123 years, Pen + Brush has been dedicated to promoting the work of women in the literary and visual arts. Pen + Brush provides a platform to showcase the work of professional emerging and mid-career female artists and writers to a broader audience with the ultimate goal of effecting real change within the marketplace. At Pen + Brush, we believe that art and literature created by women deserves to be recognized and valued on its merit – not judged by the gender of the maker.  Learn more at:

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