ArtLeadHER presents ‘Senses and Perception’ on International Sculpture Day

Curated by ArtLeadHER founder Mashonda Tifrere and presented by Carole Feuerman Sculpture Foundation.

In celebration of International Sculpture Day, ArtLeadHER brings attention to the existence of familiar and foreign objects and its relation to everyday life.

Senses and Perception is a whimsical and immersive body of work that explores the dynamics of combining two and three-dimensional structures, alternative use of materials and hybrid approaches to mixing, layering and re-contextualizing everyday materials and environment building.

The works in the show offer an opportunity to challenge the ideas of objectivity in relation to human condition. The way we perceive our world is changing due to the expanded digitalization of our world. We are surrounded everyday by screens—flat, square, colorful and loud. We engage with our hand held devices more than we do our surroundings.  

Senses and Perception is a reminder of what the human race is lacking. The viewer will realize layers of color and texture at play with architecture to examine human beings’ relationship to their environment and ultimately to each other.

“Over the course of the past three months I’ve researched and selected ten women, all experienced and celebrated artist of sculpture and mass scale,” shared curator Mashonda Tifrere. “These women see art everywhere – in the life around them, through nature, bioform, natural elements and in the lost and forgotten remnants of our culture.”

With layers of historical references of race and gender biases, “Senses and Perception,” creates a sea of emotion by way of abstract and figurative works of art. This exhibition pushes boundaries that are in constant conflict with one another – what seems to be creations that were conceived and executed by the powers of masculine strength are in fact masterpieces birthed by feminine hands with unwavering endurance, care and precision.

Exhibiting artists include: Kennedy YankoCheryl ReillyCarolyn SalasCrystal Wagner, Susan PullmanGrace ChenTanda FrancisStephanie HirschCarole Feureman, and Maria Pavlovska.

Venue: The exhibition is housed at Carole Feuerman’s Studio in Mana Contemporary: 888 Newark Avenue, Room 488, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306.

Gallery Hours: April 29- May 20, 2018; Monday – Friday, 1- 6PM (or by appointment)



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