While 51% of visual artists in present day identify as women, only 28% of museum solo exhibitions actually spotlight them. This alarming data is the driving force behind ArtLeadHER’s upcoming all-women’s group exhibit.

On May 5th, ArtLeadHER and the Joseph Gross Gallery join forces to bring forth it’s first exhibition of its kind. Participating artists include: Swoon, Kit King, Karmimadeebora McMillan, Laurel DeWitt, Alison Mosshart, Lala Abaddon, Sandra Chevrier, Monica Canilao, Diana C. Munoz, Ingrid Baars, Lacy Barry, Meredith Marsone, Kristin Farr, Angie Crabtree and Anne Faith Nichols.

ArtLeadHER is a platform dedicated to celebrating and bringing awareness to women in the art world. Our mission is to awaken the divinity within every human being through the lens of talented female artists. We invite you to connect with our creative voices during our 1st Annual exhibit. On display from May 5th to May 28th at the Joseph Gross Gallery, 548 West 28th Street.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

LACY BARRYLacy Barry is a multi-dimensional, multi-platform artist working in a variation of tactile materials & digital graphics to formulate environments that are imbued with a personal aesthetic. Lacy’s artwork has been applied to work for retail window display, interiors, live installations, events, video projects, commercials, web & print media, venues, wallpaper, apparel etc.


Angie Crabtree’s paintings convey realistically painted diamond facets enlarged 1000+ times. Using oils and reflective glazing techniques, the kaleidoscopic shape suggests a hypnotic brilliance similar to the real thing. Titled with women’s names, each piece is created like a portrait, varying in cut, color and size.



Self-taught Canadian fine artist, Kit King focuses on hyperrealism to identity, dimension and ephemeral visual relationships around us. As a teenager Kit found herself a tattoo apprenticeship in 2006. After tattooing for seven years she decided to take the dive from tattooer to full time artist. Kit never took any classes or art lessons but says her tattoo apprenticeship has been invaluable to her artistic endeavors.


Lala Abaddon seeks to examine the dual nature of binary relationships with parallels that give shape to their physical existence. In her woven work she integrates many components in her process, capturing her unique images multiple times through a repetitive sequence of traditional analog photographic methods, then arranging the large format prints into precise and deliberate pairings. She continues on to intricately and painstakingly hand cut each print into hundreds of strips and then hand-weave the prints with undulating and complicated patterns designed to convey a specific feeling, eventually leaving us with images within images and compelling the viewer to experience alternate realities or states of being.


Dutch born and Antwerp based visual artist Ingrid Baars began her career as a professional photographer. Inspired by the female African figure, in 2009 Ingrid shifts gears. Ingrid’s artwork explores femininity with a focus on objectification, sexuality, maternalism and piety. The amalgamation of classical African cult objects and real women enables Ingrid to transcend the natural and constitute an outer-wordly realm that feels near but is, upon closer inspection, quite unsettling. Her powerful images take a life of their own once you stare at her details

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