Curated by Mashonda Tifrere exclusively for Urban Zen Center and Donna Karan
Public Exhibition Dates: March 9th – April 11th 2018

An active engagement and reflection of the recent gender equality driven actions through the eyes of four female artists from The East Coast.

This show is a celebration of the work of four contemporary female artists living and working in New York and Maryland from a myriad of visual art disciplines. The exhibit is a representation of the power of women in organizing recent nationwide activism in the name of gender inequality contextualized through art. ‘Her Time is Now’ will celebrate the achievements of women coming together to stand as one, sharing their stories and inspiring the ongoing journey towards societal equality.

The Exhibit is a collaboration between two female owned and operated establishments, ArtLeadHer, founded by Mashonda Tifrere, a platform dedicated to bringing awareness to the women creating, curating and thriving in the male-dominated art world and Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center, a progressive space connecting and activating today’s innovators and leaders.

ArtLeadHER founder, Mashonda Tifrere, says:
“This exhibition is a celebration of sisterhood and femininity. It’s a beautiful demonstration of how women of all ages and races must unite in order to truly stand in power to face the challenges of society.”

The 20 works displayed in the show range in scale and medium. The exhibition demonstrates the complexity and distinctive approach of each artist. From Tawny Chatmon’s use of super-imposed photographic expression in her pieces, to Lacey Mckinney’s layering of emotion into incredibly textured portraits. Noemi Manser’s colorful abstract work brings edge and mystery and Nichole Washington exposes culture and truth with her photography and hand painted gouache details.
Whether a proud acknowledgement of womanhood and hidden symbolism, each piece in the show tells a story about its creator and unites all artists in the undeniable womanhood

*About the artists

Tawny Chatmon
Tawny is a self-taught artist who has been working in the field of photography for the past 16 years. Born in Tokyo, growing up an ‘army brat’, she had the unique opportunity to take in the cultures of three different continents all before the age of 12.

For Chatmon, her photographs are the first layer, which she manipulates and unites with other photographic components. Thereafter she often adds overlays of gold leaf, paint, digital collage and illustration. In doing so, she produces a work that is more than just a work of photography but a new photographic expression.

Noemi Manser
Her Artwork is like a visual diary. The strain between spiritual and matter, ideals and perversion, her works are presenting these tensions as confused, erotic, duskily but colorful and hopeful. The common elements in her works are single parts of the body, faces and symbols that placed in a symmetric and dramatic way. Her critical view is impacted by not only herself and own experiences but also those of society.

Lacey Mckinney
Lacey McKinney is an American figurative painter based in Upstate New York. Her work references embodiment and the implications of societal power structures. In her most recent work, depictions of differing corporeal flesh form faces of many women to address perceptions of self and other in elaborate reconstructions of solidarity.

Nichole Washington
Nichole Washington paints and draws on top of her photographic portraits to form a space where women feel protected, loved and respected. Through manipulation of her images she is creating super heroine characters based on the subjects unique physical qualities and her imagination. She hopes that her work will inspire women to live boldly and confidently from the inside out.

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