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By Isa Freeling, Contributor

10/07/2017 10:10 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2017

I had a sneak peek at Pen & Brush’s new show curated by Mashonda Tifrere and it is marvelous. “King Woman” is a moniker a random admirer dubbed Mashonda for the Renaissance woman she is and so she lends her nom de guerre to this survey of the female aura in all its dynamic and diverse glory.  Pen & Brush’s devotion to presenting the “she” voice embodied through writers and visual artists acutely address all the depth and brightness of the womanly spirit set aloft in inspired flight. This exhibition is fertile with pensive beauty, but not for the sake of beauty alone. It is through its appealing collective presentation that the sometimes fragmented and challenging terrain of women is borne in more than superficial terms; as can be seen in the work of Kit King and Lacey Mckinney. Two artists clearly illustrating the complications of womanhood and yet in total defiance remaining harmoniously together, layered intellect, emotions, and spirit gel completely, not allowing vulnerabilities to eviscerate the complicated world in which “she” lives. In the case of Lacey McKinney’s captivating portrait “Double Blind” in which she references the term used to describe a dilemma often faced by women and marginalized people. “The paradox of double-blind is a form of ambivalent sexism.”

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