The Art Gorgeous

Empower Women And The Elegance Of Heels
Founder of ArtLeadHER, Writer, Curator, New Jersey

Rawness and fearlessness are the sum of her ingenuity. Let alone her mixtape “The Renovation Series” and the dandy “Intrigued”, the R&B artist has made her own mindful metamorphosis with LifeStyleHer and ArtLeadHer founded. Now revolving her time around curatorial practice and philanthropy, Tifrere has fallen in love with empowering women with the millennial movement while establishing ArtLeadHer on International Women’s Day this year. Hosting art workshops and panel discussions for underprivileged girls in all parts of New York, Tifrere makes a pledge that props up young ladies.

Here Tifrere talked about very casual outfit, soul connections, and her desire to connect with those whose drawings are on her walls.

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